Week 18 Update

So not to toot my own horn (lol) but I’m really proud of myself for not having given up on my weight loss journey. I have never lasted more than 2-3 months before giving up. I also find that this time it’s been so easy (well after getting through the first 2 months). It’s become my lifestyle and not just a “diet”. I’m never hungry and the food I have been eating is delicious, so how can I complain? So as of this morning my grand total is 28 pounds lost. I’m happy with that!

On to the next 72 pounds! I can do this!


Daily Stats – Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!

My Fitbit stats for Saturday.

Steps: 5,388/7,000

Distance: 3.62km/5km

Very Active Mins: 0 mins/30 mins

Water Consumed: 1950ml/2000ml


My Fitbit stats for Sunday.

Steps: 4,044/7,000

Distance: 2.72km/5km

Very Active Mins: 1 mins/30 mins

Water Consumed: 1650ml/2000ml


My Fitbit stats for Monday.

Steps: 5,472/7,000

Distance: 3.68km/5km

Very Active Mins: 5 mins/30 mins

Water Consumed: 600ml/2000ml

My Fitbit stats for Tuesday.

Steps: 7,841/7,000

Distance: 5.27km/5km

Very Active Mins: 14 mins/30 mins

Water Consumed: 1050ml/2000ml


So clearly Saturday through Monday weren’t very good days. Work has had me really stressed out and I’m struggling to get the energy to go walking. I’m also wanting to eat junk badly but so far I have been strong…. Tomorrow night is my grandmothers birthday dinner and we are going out to eat to a Chinese place. Chinese is sooooo not in my calorie range but… I’ll do my best!!

Week 8 Weigh In

Today was week 8 weigh in. I did fairly good considering how little exercise I got this week. I lost 2.1 pounds. Down a total of 11.9 pounds. Im now in the 230’s so that really helps to motivate me!
Hopefully this week will be even better!
Although I have to confess that I went out for lunch today and had a huge burger and fries. To be honest, after eating at home and eating healthy for the past while I didnt really enjoy it! It didnt taste as good as I remembered and it made me feel icky, which I havent felt since I stopped eating bad stuff.
Hope everyone has a good and successful week!

Daily Stats – Friday

My Fitbit stats for Friday.

Steps: 6,287/7,000

Distance: 4.22km/5km

Very Active Mins: 14 mins/30 mins

Water Consumed: 1950ml/2000ml
I wasn’t feeling great yesterday so I had a nap when I got home. It was almost 8 when I woke up so by the time I ate supper it was too late to go walking. I also didn’t go walking today. I have excuses but I won’t share them as I don’t want to use excuses for being lazy. I didn’t go, I wish I had but I’ll do better!

Week 9 Meal Plan

This weeks meal plan:

Saturday: Corn Meal Breaded Trout and Roasted Herb Potato Wedges

Sunday: Huevos Rancheros

Monday: Tex-Mex Bean Salad with Creamy Salsa Dressing

Tuesday: Bell Pepper and Tomato Soup

Wednesday: Chicken Souvlaki Sandwich

Thursday: Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Friday: Stir-Fry

Today I had The Corn Meal Breaded Trout and Roasted Herb Potato Wedges and they were both really good! I had never had trout before but I would definitely have it again! Also Thursday for supper I made Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo and it was *amazing*!! It was so good that I said to my husband “I can’t believe I made something that tastes this good!” haha

I’m really proud of my husband and I, we have been sticking to the meal plans. I really enjoy getting to try something new every night and I’m actually not minding doing the cooking!

This week eating wise I feel like I have been doing a great job, I usually am right at my calorie goal or just under. We started the week off stong with exercising (An hour on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday) but we have gone down hill a little. Not the end of the world, we will do better next week. Plus, some exercise  is better than none!

Daily Stats – Thursday

My Fitbit stats for Thursday.

Steps: 2,314/7,000

Distance: 1.56km/5km

Very Active Mins: 0 mins/30 mins

Water Consumed: 1500ml/2000ml

I was off yesterday which makes it hard to get my steps, especially when I didn’t go walking…. lol

It was a bad day and today wasn’t so great either but I will make sure tomorrow is better.

Daily Stats – Wednesday

My Fitbit stats for Wednesday.

Steps: 12,809

Distance: 8.65km

Very Active Mins: 62 mins

Water Consumed: 2250 ml

Went for an hour walk today. It was brutal! Some days the time flies by when I’m walking and some days it drags on. Yesterday it went so slow! It probably didn’t help that I was starving the whole time! haha

I have the day off work today! Yay! Have a great day everyone!